Sharing opinions and decisions has never been faster or more fun.
  • Get and give quick help making decisions.
  • Post polls to publicly, privately, to followers, or in groups.
  • Predict the outcome of the next big event.
  • Join and create groups to share questions with people with similar interests.
  • Get notified when you have votes, comments, and results.
  • Chat and debate topics fast and easy.
Choice is a free social network that allows you to post questions, give opinions, and make decisions about everyday life.
Get help making choices, no matter how big or small, in real-time and from anywhere.
  • A Poll is a question that people can answer with their own opinions. Polls have no correct or incorrect answers.
  • A prediction is a question that people can answer to guess what will happen in the future. Predictions must have a final answer that is correct entered by the original poster.


  • Start by clicking the Choice logo on the footer of any screen.
  • Select Poll or Prediction.
  • Ask something is an optional area where you can ask a question. This is limited to 140 characters.
  • Add choices (minimum of 2 and maximum of 12) by clicking the add button. This is a required feature of post creation. You can add choices as text, images, or both.
    • Images can be added from your camera or your photo library. (If you want to enter just one image, you will have to enter at least two choices to submit your post.)
    • Text can be added to each choice and is limited to 40 characters.
    • For your convenience, you can add Yes/No choices with one click.
  • Share to will help you select your audience and is a required creation feature.
    • Public means that anyone can see your post.
    • Only Me is for private posts that are for your eyes only.
    • Group allows you to add the post to a group to which you belong and can post into.
    • Followers means your post can be seen only by those who follow you
  • Category is an optional feature that puts your post into a category, makes it more likely to get noticed, and makes it easier to find when searching.
Simply touch the image you want to enlarge and hold for a second. You will be taken to a full-screen view where you can scroll through the possible choices. When finished, you can click done and make your choice.
From a post you simply tap the choice you want to make. You will see the choice you made outlined in blue and the vote percentages will appear in the upper left corner of each choice.
Yes! Choice allows you to change your mind on polls and predictions as often as you like before the posts have ended.
Repost lets you the share a post a new audience. Not all posts can be reposted, especially if they were originally posted privately to a limited audience or in a private group.
We all make mistakes, but editing won’t get you out of this one. We don’t allow users to edit content that has been posted, but we do have two solutions for you:
  • Delete your post - Pull up the post and click the dropdown button in the upper right-hand corner. From this menu, select "Delete post" and then click "Yes" to confirm deletion. If need be, create your post again...without the mistakes. Problem Solved!
  • Change the Share to (audience) of your post - If your mistake was who you shared the post with, we have you covered. Pull up the post and click the dropdown button in the upper right-hand corner. From this menu, select "Change Share To" and then select a new audience. Problem solved!
  • Polls - All polls on Choice are set to expire exactly 30 days after posted.
  • Predictions - If you created your prediction with an expiration date and time, it will expire at the exact date and time you specified. If you did not set an expiration date and time, the prediction will expire exactly 30 days after it was posted.


First you want to locate the post you want to result and click the dropdown button in the upper right-hand corner. From this menu, select “Result post” and you’ll notice the background of the post being resulted will change color to let you know the post is in result mode. Once you select the correct answer a popup will appear to confirm the answer.
Oops! Sometimes we make mistakes that there’s no coming back from and this is one of them. If you made it through the resulting validation process and you still entered the wrong answer, you will need to delete the post to undo your mistake.
Sure! You can result a prediction any time you like. Just make sure you have the correct answer. You can wait for a prediction to expire before resulting or post the results early.


Groups are a great way to find people with common interests who want to vote on and discuss posts about specific topics. There are groups for everything from your favorite sports team to people to help you pick out your next outfit. Can’t find a group with a interest of yours? Create a new group, make it public, and invite everyone you know!
  • Private groups can be used to share thoughts and ideas without the worlds involvement.
  • Public groups can be a fun place for anyone to vote on and discuss specific topics.
You can also create groups to have easy access posting to friends, family, and colleagues. Do you need to decide what to have for dinner at home tonight? Create a family group and post the options. What to have an office pool for when a baby will be born? Make a group with those coworkers who will participate! The possibilities are endless!
  • Start by clicking the more button in the lower right corner of the footer.
  • Then click Add new group to enter the Create Group page.
  • Select or take a photo to add as the group profile picture. This is required.
  • Name your group. We recommend something clever to be recognizable.
  • Add a Description to your group. Try to explain what your group is all about in the shortest way possible.
  • Do you want your group to be Private? Private groups mean that only members can see the posts within the group. The group and the posts within the group cannot be searched by a non-member.
  • Do you want your group to be Closed post? This would mean that only the creator of the group can add new posts to the group. The members can still vote and comment, but cannot add posts.
  • Once you are done, click Create in the upper right-hand corner and your group will be created.
  • Next you will be taken to the Invite people page. From here you can invite any of your followers to join the group. Once you have selected all the members you want to invite, click Invite to finish.
    • If the follower has a public profile they will be added automatically.
    • If the follower has a private profile, they will be sent a request to join.
Public groups - Go to the group page and click on the cog in the upper righthand corner. From there click "Invite Followers" and select from a list of your followers and click "Invite".
  • Anyone with a public profile will automatically be added to the group.
  • Anyone with a private profile will be sent an invitation to join the group.
Private groups - Only the admin of the group can invite people to a private group.
Only the admin of a group can delete a group. If you are the admin, go to the group page, click the cog in the upper righthand corner, and click delete group. Once you confirm that you are sure you want the group delete, the group will be removed from Choice.
  • All posts created in the group will remain active as "Only Me" for the user who created the post.

My Account

Yes you can! Sometimes you get too many and sometimes you don’t get enough, so we gave you a way to control that. Go to the more menu and under Settings click on Notifications. Here you can turn on and off all or individual notifications.
We hate to see you go, but if you need to delete your account, email us at
  • Open the app and click Sign In.
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • Enter your email address into the Password Reset window and click OK.
  • Open the email we send you and follow the instructions to reset your password.